Research Promotion

ASHRAE annually funds about $14 million dollars in research projects that improve our industry technology and standards. Individual chapters across the country help to raise money at the grass roots level and Northeast Oklahoma has been a leader in that effort.

The Northeast Oklahoma chapter is blessed with active participation from individual members, corporate members, and industry manufacturers. Well over 50% of our membership contributes regularly to Research. We are also very proud of the fact we have a local organization as a Platinum Circle contributor. That is, their donation amount was in excess of $20,000. That donor is AAON, Inc. in Tulsa, OK. One of only eight Society wide!

While raising money for research is a responsibility our chapter takes seriously, we also have fun doing it. The chapter has a golf tournament, chapter auction, poker night, sporting clay, and other activities through the year to help add to our fund raising efforts.

With our 2017-18 Golf Tournament held in September behind us we are off to a Great Start in meeting our goal of $42,500.00 for ASHRAE Research.

We recently held our Auction dinner and added $4800.00 toward our goal.

With the chapter leadership, and very supportive volunteers, I’m confident we’ll have no problem reaching and exceeding our goal again this year.

Thank You for Your Support!!

Research Promotion is a critical function of ASHRAE. Please consider donating to Research Promotion today at  Thank you.


Last updated: 04/15/18