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The NEOK ASHRAE chapter annually offers three students scholarships to students who are pursuing careers in an ASHRAE related field. This year we decided to award four scholarships at our April Chapter Meeting. Two $1,000 scholarships to two outstanding high school students in honor of the late Jack Tumilty and two $8,000 scholarships on behalf of our chapter to two outstanding college students who are enrolled in an HVAC related curriculum. Please see photos below of this years scholarship winners.

NEOK Scholarship Recipients: Chad Gillis (left) and Aaron Branson (right) with Student Activities Chair Brian Murray.
NEOK Scholarship Recipients: Chad Gillis (left) and Aaron Branson (right) with Student Activities Chair Brian Murray.
Tumilty Scholarship Recipients: Selena Fincher (left) and Brad Woolery (right) with Keith Browne.
Tumilty Scholarship Recipients: Selena Fincher (left) and Brad Woolery (right) with Keith Browne.

Below are the descriptions of the scholarships as well as their requirements.

Scholarship Template

Northeastern Oklahoma Chapter of ASHRAE - College Student Scholarship Program

1. The NEOK college student scholarships shall be given to two Tulsa area college students each year. Both students will be selected from applications received from either the University or Tulsa, Oklahoma State University-Tulsa, or Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee.

2. The scholarship amounts shall be $800 each for two recipients.

3. The scholarships shall be awarded yearly at the April NEOK ASHRAE chapter meeting

4. The NEOK ASHRAE chapter president shall appoint an Education Committee each year at the October Board of Governor's meeting. This committee shall consist of four members, one of whom shall be the chapter's Student Activities Chair. Within this sub-committee, one member shall be the chair of the Tumilty Scholarship sub-committee and one member the chair of the College Student Scholarship sub-committee.

5. The College Student Scholarship sub-committee shall contact the faculty advisors at the three aforementioned universities in January and inform them of the availability of the two scholarships. Requirements shall include:

  • Students shall be enrolled in an HVAC related curriculum
  • Students shall have at least one year remaining before graduation
  • Student shall be an ASHRAE student member
  • No more than three students recommended by each advisor
  • Students' names and addresses
  • Letter from each recommended candidate describing why they believe they should receive a scholarship. Letter to be not less than 500 words (submitted by March 7th).

6. Responses from the school advisors shall be due to the committee by March 7th, whereupon the committee will review the applicant's submittals and select two winners. Each candidate, win or lose, will be contacted by mail of the results with the two selected winners being asked to attend the NEOK ASHRAE April chapter meeting which is held the first Thursday of the month.

7. The chapter treasurer shall write two checks (each for $800) from the chapter's general funds prior to the April chapter meeting. Checks shall be written to the student's university, in the student's name, to be used for books and/or tuition.

8. At the April chapter meeting, both recipients will be introduced by the chapter's Student Activities Chair, a brief summary of their activities/accomplishments stated, and their monetary awards issued.

Scholarship Offered by the Northeastern Oklahoma Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.

1.Purpose: To award a $1000 scholarship in the name of Tulsa engineer Jack E. Tumilty (Jack E. Tumilty Scholarship) to a Tulsa metropolitan area graduating high school senior who will be entering the study of mechanical engineering at a college of their choice in the fall.

2.Requirements of applicants:

  • Must be an exemplary student
  • Must exhibit strong work ethic
  • Must have good moral character
  • Must have a proven record of interest in math and science
  • Must have an outstanding grade point average

3.Submission requirements:

  • Student name and contact information
  • Name and address of high school and guidance counselor
  • Current high school transcript and resume of activities, both in-school and extracurricular
  • Letter from candidate stating reason for choosing the field of mechanical engineering
  • Indication of colleges and universities candidate is considering

4.Due date of submission: No later than March 7th.

5.Award procedure:

  • Each submission will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee
  • Approximately three candidates will be selected for personal interviews, which will be conducted by the Scholarship Committee.
  • Each interviewed candidate will be notified of the results by mail
  • The scholarship will be awarded at the April chapter meeting of the Northeastern Oklahoma ASHRAE chapter. The meeting is held in the evening on the first Thursday of the month. The recipient, who will be our guest for dinner, must attend this meeting to receive the scholarship

6.Submit information pertaining to items 2 and 3 above to: NEOK ASHRAE Scholarship Committee c/o Browne Consulting Engineers, Inc. 1408 North 53rd Street Broken Arrow, OK 74014

Last updated: 04/15/18