Chapter History

The Northeastern Oklahoma Chapter (Chapter #069) of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc. was chartered on October 2, 1948. Since that time the chapter has shown a steady growth in membership and has made significant contributions to the region, the Society, and the industry which it serves. The chapter has been recognized with numerous awards, including earning the Presidential Award of Excellence every year since its inception, and being ranked number one in Society in final PAOE point standings for the 1986/1987 year, number five in 1992/1993, and number six in 1998/1999, number two in 1999/2000.

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Life Members

Fifty Six chapter members have been awarded the grade “Life Member” or “Life Associate Member” by the Society

  • George X. Adams
  • Robert W. Allwein
  • Jack Averitt
  • John L. Baker
  • Michael F. Beda
  • Charles L. Beeson
  • Henry C. Bierwirth
  • Hoy R. Bohnnan
  • Mike D. Bolick
  • William G. Boone
  • Fred C. Brandt
  • Leon O. Briggs
  • Keith H. Browne
  • Bill L. Cantrell
  • Richard H. Drinkwater
  • Richard P. Dunn
  • Carl L. Eichstaedt Jr.
  • Ray E. Farrell
  • Gerault C. Green
  • John N. Hambrick
  • William L. Harding
  • C. Dean Hawley
  • William Hearon Jr.
  • Everett W. Ives
  • Harold (Hal) Kallenberger Jr.
  • David E. Knebel
  • David H. Lee
  • Cleo F. McGee
  • James T. McKinney
  • I. John Mitchell
  • James L. Mitchell
  • Richard G. (Dick) Mohler
  • Jack L. Morgan
  • Armand R. Morin
  • Charles L. (Chick) Morse
  • Tom D. Owens
  • James D. Palmer
  • Charles L. Perry
  • Edward L. Pflug
  • Gene L. Redford
  • Fred L. Richardson
  • Paul H. Roberts
  • David L. Sahler
  • James D. Shaw
  • Richard F. Shoemaker
  • Sidney A. Simon
  • Warren W. Smith
  • Ronald J. Spencer
  • Robert E. Swain
  • Edward J. Teis
  • Frank M. Thomas
  • Jack E. Tumilty
  • John R. VonGonten
  • J. Neal Watt
  • William E. Welk
  • R. W. (Pete) Winget

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